Sunday, December 4, 2011

Alternatives to classroom-style corporate training by Ravinder Tulsiani

Reality is training is necessary to achieve corporate goals but it also appears to negatively impact their bottom line – less workers on the job = less production output.

This is not to suggest that senior management does not value employee development, rather they realize that training is essential to achieving customer satisfaction and in turn achieve higher profits.

To achieve both objectives, my recommendation to my clients has been to seek alternative training formats other than classroom style training sessions. Here are just a few samples of ways to conduct training on-the-job:

  • Peer coaching:
  • Conference calls
  • Net meetings 
  • Intranet learning aids
  • Printed reminders
  • Webinars 

While the above training methods work in some situations, there is also value in pulling employees out of the situation and getting them to see the bigger picture. Balance is the key. Companies must strike a balance and ensure that both styles are being implemented to be effective.

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